Since I haven’t been really active lately on my blog I thought I should start sharing a bit more….a bit more of my experiences and thoughts. It really moved me that I received that much response on my last article and it made me realize that people do appreciate what we have to say.


I was out and about in Klösterle with my friend and Team-mate, Nadine Wallner, sharing our skills in the backcountry with super motivated and talented youngsters. It’s a real pleasure being able to spend my time out there shredding with like-minded people  and just have fun in the nature, doing what we do best.
It’s awesome to have Red Bull organize Camps like that, so not only these guys get a chance to improve their skills in the backcountry but also we are able to show our passion for the mountains and everything around it.
Check out a couple of pictures from the Offlines-Camp and catch a few impressions of the last few days. We had a great time sleeping in tents, hiking mountains and I even judged the very first competition. It went better than I thought, haha!


Catch you guys soon! In the next couple of weeks I will be filming, skiing, hiking and flying – as usual 😉