Early skitrip to Georgia

panorama zugschnitten


Thanks for stopping by! Since the snow in Tirol was really bad, me and the crew from Whiteroom-Productions decided to fly to Georgia and have a look if we can find some snow in the Great Caucasus Range. We wanted to check out Ushguli, a mountain village that I have visited last summer on my way back from the Asia Roadtrip. It’s really far north in Georgia, almost at the Russian border at an altitude of 2200m. The surrounding mountains go up to 5200m – it’s such an awesome place! After 15 hours of driving and one night in Zugdidi we finally arrived in Ushguli. Unfortunately I have no pictures from the last part of the road but you just have to imagine that you are driving on a really really shitty dirt road in the alps, with a fully overloaded 4WD car, going an average of 20km/h uphill through streambeds, mud and snow. It was quite an adventure!


In this village it’s really common to stay and live at local families and pay for food and accommodation every day, so we went back to the family that I already knew and enjoyed some awesome Georgian food that evening. Temur, the father was so excited that we visited them again so he brought some wine and self made “Chacha”. It turned into a really funny night speaking Georgian, Russian, German and English altogether to communicate a bit with each other. People in those mountain regions usually don’t speak any English.


The terrain around the village is really cool with lots of possibilities. We just hiked around for a few days and searched for interesting stuff to film. It was not way more snow than at home but the good thing is that it was really cold for the past few weeks so all north facing snow was nice powder. On the last touring day the weather report predicted some pretty variable weather, so we left in the night to reach the summit at sunrise. Just as we arrived on top, some clouds moved in together with a really cold snow storm. We waited in a snow cave until it cleared up a few hours later. At the end of this awesome day we left Ushguli and drove 2 hours to Mestia where it was supposed to snow about 30-40cm fresh.


We spent two more days in the ski resort in Mestia to ski some lift accessed pillow- and treeruns. In this resort I also met Ivan Tsiklauri and his crew. Ivan is a really cool skier from Georgia that is also sponsored by Red Bull.

For me it was awesome to be back in this region of Georgia. First of all I managed to cure my travel addiction that has grown bigger and bigger since there wasn’t any traveling after the 4 months Asia raodtrip. And it was really nice to be back in time where people still use animals to transport stuff and live fully on their natural resources, at least in this village we visited.



I hope that you enjoyed this little write up and liked the pictures. The season has started now and I will try to keep this website up to date, especially the blog since there wasn’t any update between August and now. So make sure to check it every now and then  😉


Also my 12/13 season edit has just been released. You can watch it below this text.