First place at 4* FWQ Obergurgl and Freeride World Tour 2015


This is just unbelievable! It’s been such a long way for me to get into the Freeride World Tour. Up to now I never wanted to focus on just one thing and tried to combine filming with competitions as good as possible. But of course it never works 100% and I often missed important competitions that would have given me a better chance to qualify. In case you want to know why it took me that long to get into the Freeride World Tour I decided to describe the past few years in short version:



When I first started with FWQ I was 17 years old and somehow I managed to get into the comps in New Zealand. After standing on several podiums I was on second position in the ranking when coming back to Europe and would have had a good chance to make the FWT. Unfortunately I was still 17 years old and the FWT didn’t allow me to compete at any Qualifier in Europe. That’s when I skied and won the Junior Tour instead in 2011. They also deleted my points from NZ so in 2012 I had a hard time getting into comps. I decided to ski the open in La Clusaz and actually made it into the main 4* competition. I had to ski save to build up some points for the next events and ended up in 14th place. A few weeks later the guys from Hochfügen decided to give me a wildcard for the 4* event and I finished in 3rd place at the age of 18. After that I was on 7th place in the ranking and went a bit too huge at the last competition in Andorra and crashed.
In 2013 I was super motivated to go big and make the tour but unfortunately I crashed in 90% of the comps and failed again to qualify.
This year my aim was to ski consistent and don’t go too big. That plan worked out really well and I podiumed the first three events on 3rd place. At the next two 3* events I messed up half of my line two times and finished in 4th and 6th position. This was really frustrating since it was almost the last chance to get enough points for the FWT15. Due to a filming trip I also missed a 3- and 4-Star event in Andorra.
My last hope was the competition in Obergurgl. I didn’t know which face they gonna choose but I was sure that it will be a proper, steep big mountain venue since it’s a 4* competition. And so it was, I liked the face as soon as I saw it. According to the ranking at that time I knew that I had to win the event and even then it wasn’t sure if it’s gonna be enough since the first 10 skiers in the ranking were really close together.
After giving it some thoughts I decided to just go for it try to choose a winning run. Stomp or crash, that was my attitude. While face checking I just tried to find the most fluent line with as much cliffs and technical parts as possible. For me as a pure big mountain skier it was quite easy to find some good looking lines on that face. At the end I chose the run that I liked most and it just went perfectly despite the backslap on the long cliff. Many people asked my why I didn’t freak out after stomping that line. Back then I think I was really pissed that I had a backslap and just hoped that the judges won’t deduct too many points since technically they could reduce my score by 25 points. While watching my run on video I think a 7 point deduction was a good decision since I basically stomped that landing. It would have been sick to get a 100 score though 🙂








Thanks for all the nice words on my run. I really appreciate it and I’m super happy that it got so popular.


Now I’m really motivated for next years tour and hope that I will do well. Also I will still try to do as much filmshoots as possible next to the FWT.



Ah, and one more thing! I’ve got lots of messages and comments regarding my season edit that there was too less POV in it. So I decided to cut a pure POV edit with the best lines from last year and just uploaded it a few days ago. Check it out and feel free to share or do whatever you like with it 😉




Enjoy the rest of the season!