Snowmads Analog Photography

Why analog? Taking pictures on expensive films, waiting patiently to have them developed just to get them scanned and look through them on the laptop after all doesn’t seem to be that practical at first. I guess I’m just fed up by all this digital craziness in our modern world and wanted to try something new. Born in 1993 I already grew up with digital cameras and never really got in contact with film photography. Talking with Richard Walch, a photographer who joined the Legs of Steel trip to Haines, Alaska last year got me super excited on analog photography and I decided to give it a go – sooner or later. Just one month later he surprised me with a brand new looking Nikon F3 after a shooting. I didn’t really know what to say but took the camera, started shooting and also did lot’s of research on photography since honestly I didn’t know much about it.


Analog photography is different. It’s important to give lots of thoughts into every shot since the films just have 36 photos on them and also cost some money. Shooting analog I make way less pictures than I would with digital and automatically have less work sorting them out after the development process. Also the colors and the transitions from bright to dark seem way more natural to me. This kind of photography pushed my skills a lot during the last year and now I can’t think about traveling without it. Especially not knowing how the pictures will turn out is a really interesting experience. During the trip it was only possible to get my shots developed once a month. It’s also great to see that a couple of magazines started using some of my photos this fall, who would have thought 🙂


I’ve used the Nikon F3 and the Minolta XD7 during the Snowmads trip. This way it was possible to shoot for example black and white and color on the same day. My favorite film is the Kodak Ektar 100, Kodak Portra 400 and the Ilford HP5 400. For the F3 I use a 50, 24 and 100mm prime lens. The minolta has a 50mm lens.


I don’t want to loose more words. This is a collection of my favorite shots during the four months expedition through the Middle East. It’s been an incredible journey, we’ve met amazing people, seen stunning places and for sure grew a bit closer together with our world that seems to break apart rather than using it’s potential to work together to achieve something good. It’s too easy to get blinded by borderlines, different races, religion and hate. At the end of the day we are all in the same boat and everybody follows the same goals to live a happy and safe life. I think that’s a really simple and important awareness.  

film0516_14aThis ski area in Turkey opened up just for us. After driving on a really crazy road for several hours those 60cm fresh snow were quite a relieve. 

film0518_14 A lonely fishing boat in the Black Sea with Turkish mountains in the background. 

film0518_04 film0516_36a Seeing goats at sea level with half a meter of fresh snow was quite strange. 

film0517_16 film0516_02a film0515_05 Great views in Georgia. 

film0517_24In Georgia things are a bit different than at home. Those guys even filled the co drivers seat with straw and now there’s still lots of space on the roof. 

film0517_23 Somehow I felt the need to overtake this guy as soon as possible 😀 

film0518_33 film0515_26 Roads in Armenia. 

film0515_37 film0515_25 film1311_21 Yerevan, Armenia. You can almost spot the snow covered mountains in the background. 

film1311_19 Rolling fruit market in Armenia. 

film1311_25 Colors in Iran, near the Armenian border. 

film1311_30 Iranian Wall-street. Those guys are dealing with Rial and Dollar at the bazaar in Tehran.

film1312_03a film1315_32a The entrance of a Mosque in Esfahan. 

film1314_06a film1315_33a film1315_34a film1314_09a film8845_18 film1313_36 Palm trees, desert, mountains and snow. I love Irans diversity. 

film0818_02aThis guy is harvesting dates in the oasis you just saw on the previous picture. A few days later he will sell them at the Bazaar. 

film1313_35 I totally fell in love with Iranian roads! 

film1315_23a The road into the Kuhrang Range near Chelgerd. Iran. 

film8845_16 This family invited us to their home after meeting them in the ski area. This is very common for Iranian people. They love to get in contact with you and are extremely hospitable. 

film1316_11a film1316_15a On the ferry to Queshm Island. Driving the truck reverse on this tiny boat was quite a challenge. 

film1316_35a film1313_10 film1313_21 Great spot to spend the night 🙂 

film1313_28 The Persian Golf. In the background you can see Queshm’s Mangrove forests and the mountains on the Iranian mainland. 

film1313_03 film1313_08 film9421_02 Back on the main land. Moggä shows the curious villagers some web episodes and pictures. 

film8845_33Bakeries like this one are very common in Iran. The locals are getting fresh bread one or two times a day. 

film9421_16 Fresh Tomatoes in Doğubeyazıt, a village in the Kurdish area of Turkey, close to the Iranian border. You will see countless wagons like that one being pushed through the city with fresh food on it. What a contrast to our huge supermarkets at home…

film9421_35 My view in the morning. The new crew arrived at 4am in Tbilisi, Georgia and apparently didn’t spend much time getting into bed. The truck was parked outside the airport with open doors. 

film0818_05a Dried fruits market next to the road in the Kurdish area of northwestern Iran. 

film0819_06a This helicopter flew us into a really remote glacier area in Georgia, close to the Russian border.

film0815_25film0816_35 Neil and Jochen after the second stormy night. We had to dig out our tents every few hours. 

film0819_30a Interior designer Jochen getting the shelfs in our snow cave ready. 

film0819_31afilm0817_29a Great views from our camp after the storm. 

film0817_21a My drop-in after a long and steep hike through hipdeep powder. It looks a bit strange from here but I had to go straight and stay on the spine until it rolls over into a double cliff.  

film0819_16a film0816_29 film0816_08Sunset on Ushba. Georgia. 

I’m glad to be able to show my experiences through platforms like this one. Thanks for checking it out! This summer I’ve been 10 weeks in Iran, also shooting a lot with my camera. I will get those shots ready as soon as possible 🙂


If this got you interested in our journey then make sure to watch the movie that we produced this year. It’s called  “A Journey Towards Easter Suns” and tells the whole story of our roadtrip. We still have some screenings in Austria:


13th November Linz

14th November Vienna

18th November Salzburg (Panzerhalle).